Kristi, a lifelong Alaskan was raised in a log cabin by her pioneering parents who came to the “Last Frontier” in 1955. By the age of twenty, she had coached skating and skiing, commercial fished, and was running her own boat and crew. Commercial fishing for salmon, halibut, crab, and herring have taken her throughout Alaska's coastal waters. She is a highly respected Alaskan artist, drawing her inspiration from the abundant sea life that surrounds her home at Between Beaches Alaska.   Working primarily with clay and wire in her onsite studio she creates unique and beautiful one of a kind art pieces and large installations.  These works of art can be experienced throughout the Between Beaches Alaska property and can be viewed and purchased in her studio.  Kristi is most passionate about sharing her unique and authentic lifestyle at Between Beaches Alaska with others and looks forward to your visit.


My pioneering parents Jack and Jo McLean came to Alaska in 1955, the “Territory Days”.  Fifty years ago, my amazing parents brought me here to our homestead on MacDonald Spit in Beautiful Kasitsna Bay.   I will never forget that first, of many trips, arriving by floatplane piloted by my father Jack with my mother Jo cheerfully beside him.  From Homer, we flew South over breathtaking Kachemak Bay surrounded by majestic snowcapped mountains landing on the adjoining glimmering Kasitsna Bay. After touching down, he briskly taxied the small plane up on the sandy beach where we clamored out with great delight and anticipation.   This, I quickly discovered was a magical and exciting place, an epic playground where eagles soared, whales breached, otter’s and seals played and tidepools at low tide revealed brightly colored sea creatures.  Our home there was a small cabin, which I now call the “Pioneer Cabin”, at that time we did not have running water or electricity and a wood burning barrel stove provided our heat.  While I played and discovered, my parents worked gathering and processing berries, clams, fish and crab to feed their hungry family for the year.    


By the early 70's we started commercial fishing in other areas of the State and sadly did not use the cabin for many years.  After I had my own children, I returned to MacDonald Spit where we spent every summer so they too could enjoy and discover its natural splendor and wonders.  I now live at MacDonald Spit full time and what was once one small cabin is now lodging including three beautiful, cozy cabins, two glamping tents and my Art Studio where I create works of art out of clay and wire representing the ocean and beach setting surrounding me.  My boys, now in college in the States, still come each summer to enjoy all that this place has to offer and to help me share it with others who join us for a never to be forgotten experience at Between Beaches Alaska.