Enjoy a peek at what this wildly unique property offers. We will leave some room for you to come discover the true magic of Between Beaches but you can look forward to the following offerings!

Many of our property amenities are included in your stay with the exception of a few options available to add at check in. We hope you enjoy everything this unique property and surrounding area offers!



Enjoy a good steam with a view of the ocean. This the perfect way to cap off your day of exploring the magic of Between Beaches. We have plenty of firewood to keep you toasty in the sauna. You can schedule a private time to enjoy a steam with your party.


Relax in the warm water, listen to the waves crash on the beach and soak with a view of the sun setting on the water! The hot tub is also complimentary and you can book time just to yourselves onsite!



Available at Minus Tides All Year

Come tide pool with us during minus tides to explore Kachemak Bay’s abundant sea life! We have some of the world’s biggest tides, making tidepooling one of the most anticipated activities here on MacDonald Spit. At low/minus tide, tidepools reveal a wondrous and brilliantly colorful array of these treasures of the sea. You can find Octopus, Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, small fish, Sea Anemones and so much more. Tidepooling is a fun yet educational exploration of coastal nature you don’t want to miss.


Every day, the ocean tides bring new and interesting treasures to the beaches of MacDonald Spit. Take a stroll along the shore and you will find shells, driftwood and so much more! Beach combing is something near and dear to our hearts and you can certainly find evidence of all that we find installed artistically throughout the property.



Welcome to clam diggers paradise! Steps from your cabin you can dig for delectable hardshell delights! There are plentiful, delicious edible clams and mussels, including the following: Little Neck/Steamer Clams, Butter, Cockles, as well as Brown and Blue Mussels. We will supply you with a map directing you to the best digging locations as well as rakes, buckets and a cookpot to steam them in after your dig. Yummy!


Late July through the first of September is a perfect time of year here to pick Salmon and High Bush Blueberries. Harvest these large succulent berries to your heart’s content on the edge of the nearby trail to Jackolof Bay.

Mushroom Foraging

Many delicious edible varieties of mushrooms can be found near our trail systems during the month of September.



Summer & Winter

From the beaches of MacDonald Spit and from the steps of your lodging you will view incredible Marine Mammals as well as land and sea birds. Sea Mammals include Sea Otter, Seal, Sea Lion and an occasional Whale. If you are a birder, you will find an exciting and abundant variety of unique and stunning sea and land bird species.

Photography Opportunities Abound

Whether you are a professional or novice photographer, you have come to the right place! Here you have endless photo opportunities for gorgeous sunrise and sunset images over the water, stunning landscape, marine mammals sightings including Sea Otter, Harbor Seals and Whales, Wildlife, Waterfowl and Birds, including hundreds of resident Bald Eagles. Capture images of the amazing and colorful Marine Life while tidepooling and unique flora and fauna.

Bald Eagle Viewing and Photographing

With its many stunning outlying bays and inlets, the beautiful Kachemak Bay is home to one of the largest populations of bald eagles in the world. Thousands of iconic Bald Eagles reside year-round. Just a few steps from your lodging, you can photograph majestic eagles soaring above, flying, fighting, skimming the water while hunting for fish, perched in the spruce trees or hanging out on our beaches.


Are you even Alaskan if you didn’t grow up around bonfires? Wow, so many memories and bonds are made around a well-stoked crackling beach bonfire accompanied by the live soundtrack of nature! We hope you enjoy the firewood and marshmallow sticks provided for a magic night on the beach with your closest friends and loved ones.



The protected waters of Kasitsna and Kachemak Bay are a Kayakers dream come true. Kayak below soaring eagles and beside sea otter, seals and sea birds and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. It is an experience you will remember for a lifetime and want to repeat often. Come and row the often-calm waters of the Bay. Just a few feet from your lodging, launch the small skiff (on either the West or East side of our sandy beaches) and explore to your heart’s content.


We have local fresh/frozen fish available for purchase onsite. A great opportunity to cook on your private grill and make a truly fresh Alaskan meal!



Bring your favorite rod and your fishing license and catch your own halibut or silver salmon from our new fishing float.






We are here to make your stay unforgettable! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Please note that the summer season is very busy for us, so we have worked hard to provide loads of information on our site. If you still have questions after exploring these lovingly crafted pages, please reach out. Allow up to 48 hours for an email response.

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