Complimentary Kayaks and Rowboats

The protected waters of Kasitsna and Kachemak Bay are a Kayakers dream come true.  Kayak below soaring eagles and beside sea otter, seals and sea birds and enjoy breathtaking scenery.   Between Beaches Alaska Lodge on MacDonald Spit is a rare location where you have the choice to Kayak from either beach, just a short walk from each other.  If the weather is too rough on the west side beach, you simply walk over to the east side and vice versa.  It is an experience you will remember for a lifetime and want to repeat often. Come and row the often-calm waters of Kasitsna and Kachemak Bay.  Just a few feet from your lodging, launch the small skiff (on either the West or East side of our sandy beaches) and explore to your hearts content.


Tidepooling at Minus Tides

Summer & Winter

Come tide pool with us on minus tides and explore the intertidal zone on Kachemak Bay at low tide. Here we have some of the biggest tides in the world.  Tidepooling

is one of the most anticipated events each day here at MacDonald Spit.  Kachemak Bay (widely known as one of the richest and most prolific bays in the word) is home to abundant sea life and sea creatures.   At low/minus tide, tide pools reveal a wonderous and brilliantly colorful array of these treasures of the sea. You can find Octopus, Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, small fish, Sea Anemones and so much more. Tide pooling is a fun, exciting and educational exploration of coastal nature you don’t want to miss.


Summer & Winter

Every day, the ocean tides brings new and interesting treasures to the beaches of McDonald Spit. Take a stroll along the shore and you will find shells, driftwood and other items of interest, value or utility.


Kasistna Bay and MacDonald Spit were Between Beaches Alaska lodging is located is a clam diggers paradise.  Here, there are plentiful delicious edible clams and mussels including the following:    Little Neck/Steamer Clams, Butter and  Maccoma Clams, Cockles, as well as Brown and Blue Mussels.  We will supply you with a map directing you to the best digging locations as well as rakes, buckets and a cookpot to steam them in after your dig.  Yummy!  


Hiking and walking opportunities for all skill and fitness levels are numerous on and near MacDonald Spit. You can enjoy a casual stroll around beautiful  and unique McDonald Spit, or hike the nearby Otter Bahn, Broken Knife, Tutka Bay Lagoon or Red Mountain and other trails. trails edge to Jackolof Bay. Between Beaches Alaska has secured a permit with the Seldovia Native Village Tribe allowing our guests to casually pick berries on nearby tribal lands.